Wednesday, February 15, 2012

She (might be) back.

I joined a gym.
Not just any gym.
The Princeton Club.
The Princeton Club is for classy snobs.
I am not a classy snob. 
BUT, It’s close to work, I have friends that go there, and I could meet with a personal trainer for free.
So I joined.
I didn’t mean to join. 
I called to find out how much it cost. And, instead of simply telling me, he invited me to come down and check it out. 
Apparently there’s an InterVarsity employee discount.
I got it real cheap.
So, it’s officially been one week that I’ve been a member of “The Club”. 
My first day I went, I decided to start out with a jog. I haven’t jogged in...I don’t know...three months maybe... And the last time I did jog, it was awful. So, my goal was to jog a mile without stopping.
I didn’t make it. 
Ten laps is a mile. 
I completed 7 laps, walked a lap, and could only jog two more laps. 
It was hellish.
But I went again the next night.
I did a bit better, but not quite a mile.
Monday night, I did it. I jogged a mile. 
And tonight, I did it again, and even went a bit further.
Unfortunately for my work-out schedule, I’m going to Indianapolis for work tomorrow through Sunday. So I won’t be able to work out. Boo.
I’m going to Georgia for my friend’s wedding the weekend of February 24th and 26th. Lorraine asked me if I wanted to run a 5k with her and Melissa.
Something strange in my decided to say yes.
I won’t be able to jog the whole thing, but it’s a nice motivation to work up to. If I can finish it in 45 minutes I’ll be happy.
I’m an athletic pansy.
But I have to start somewhere. AGAIN.