Monday, September 24, 2012

A teensy bit of an update.

I’ve been incredibly uninspired as of late.
‘Tis one of the reasons I haven’t blogged in a while.
Due to a mix-up with my work, I didn’t end up starting work until September 17th.
(It should’ve been the 4th.)
I didn’t know what to do with myself except sit around and feel sorry for myself.
That seems to be a bit of a trend in my life.

I think I talk about this a lot on here, but my love language is a touch.
It’s awkward to ask people you just met for hugs.
I’m seriously underhugged.
But, I am slowly making friends. I started going to a Bible Study small group with a church in my neighborhood.  Once you go to something like a small group, you can say hi to those people at church on Sunday and not feel weird about it.

The neighborhood I live in is RIDICULOUSLY hilly.
My body seems to completely shut down now that it has to go jog on hills.
Madison was flat when I jogged there.
I won’t embarrass myself by writing how long it took me to “do” two miles.
Just know that it takes a while.

Today actually felt like an awesome jog.
I went as soon as I got home from work.
I had more energy.
Probably because it had been in front of a computer for the past 8 hours and desperately needed to move.

Jogging down hills are great.
Jogging up hills…can kiss my expired aspirin.

Everything will get better.
I just need to remember that God hasn’t forgotten about me, that my identity isn’t in what I’m doing or not doing, and my identity is not my underhugged body.