Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Seriously, like the most boring blog post I ever did write.

It started when I temporarily lost my headphones.
I got to the gym, and they were nowhere to be found! How was I supposed to exercise without my music?!
I was able to do it, though.
And I actually liked it: to concentrate on the rhythm of my feet against the ground and my matching rhythmic breathing.
So, for about two months now, I’ve been running with just myself for company.
I like it.
Although, in a month or so, I’ll probably hate it. I remember writing a blog post sometime last summer where I “discovered” jogging WITH music. And I swore I’d never exercise without music again! Hah!
Interesting how we change.

Last week my exercising goal was to jog 3 miles without having to stop and walk. I didn’t make it. So, I have a newish goal. Last summer I blogged about how I was only ever to constantly jog 30 minutes without stopping twice. I’ve decided to make that my new goal—to consistently (perhaps four or five days in a row) jog 30 minutes without having to stop to walk.
I was inspired by a really poor jog I had on Sunday. I had to stop at 12 minutes to walk. It was pretty awful. Today I was able to go a full 20 minutes. I think I can my goal in about two weeks.  I’m such a noob.

Today, I feel thinner than I did the other day.
There is something weird going on with my brain.

Lord, this is a boring post.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Plus Size Fashion Blogs

If you’ve never read the A Beautiful Mess blog, stop and go there.
It’s the cutest thing ever.

The blogger in charge is Elsie, a super cute twenty-something Zooey Deschanel-lookalike. Her goal is “to promote an inspired lifestyle through fashion, handmade and pretty things”.
But my favorite part of her blog is her outfits section.
I can’t take my eyes off the beautiful, colorful vintage clothes that sit delicately on her small frame.

Out of all the fashion blogs I’ve seen, nobody looks like me. 
Nobody has the same hip to waist ratio as me--the same figure. 
It gets frustrating.
I don’t know how to wear things correctly for my body shape. I mean, they have my size in the store, but just because it’s “my size” doesn’t mean that it looks great on my body, or that I even should be wearing it.

Even if you see “plus size models” online or on flyers, they’re still pretty thin looking to me. 
I think they’re probably something like a size 9/10.

Sometimes I find myself thinking that I won’t be able to “dress cute” until I’ve lost 50 pounds.
But this past weekend, fueled by being in a lonely house out in the countryside by myself I decided that I won’t let the skinny girls have all the cute clothes.

So I googled plus size fashion blogs.

What I found was AMAZING!
Absolutely gorgeous plus size (real) women (not models) rocking cute and trendy clothes—clothes, that if accessorized correctly, are essentially in my closet.

Now, I want to create an awesome outfit and upload it to one of the tumblrs.

I feel like seeing beautiful plus size real women kinda takes the pressure off…
Off what?
Off being a woman living in North America in the 21st century.