Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Seriously, like the most boring blog post I ever did write.

It started when I temporarily lost my headphones.
I got to the gym, and they were nowhere to be found! How was I supposed to exercise without my music?!
I was able to do it, though.
And I actually liked it: to concentrate on the rhythm of my feet against the ground and my matching rhythmic breathing.
So, for about two months now, I’ve been running with just myself for company.
I like it.
Although, in a month or so, I’ll probably hate it. I remember writing a blog post sometime last summer where I “discovered” jogging WITH music. And I swore I’d never exercise without music again! Hah!
Interesting how we change.

Last week my exercising goal was to jog 3 miles without having to stop and walk. I didn’t make it. So, I have a newish goal. Last summer I blogged about how I was only ever to constantly jog 30 minutes without stopping twice. I’ve decided to make that my new goal—to consistently (perhaps four or five days in a row) jog 30 minutes without having to stop to walk.
I was inspired by a really poor jog I had on Sunday. I had to stop at 12 minutes to walk. It was pretty awful. Today I was able to go a full 20 minutes. I think I can my goal in about two weeks.  I’m such a noob.

Today, I feel thinner than I did the other day.
There is something weird going on with my brain.

Lord, this is a boring post.

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  1. Life can be boring. Your post is relatable. I find that running with music is really awesome, but I really like running and watching tv. I go into this like zombie mode when I watch tv. So the show is over and then I found I've jogged 30 minutes without even stressing over my breathing or my knees or what song I'm listening to next. When I first started, I would walk during the commercials. Let me know if you get a chance to try it out.