Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I feel like I have a sheepish smile on my face cuz I just found out Earth has a crush on me.

Caution: the following thoughts make no sense and are all disconnected.

I’m not entirely sure how to describe how I’m feeling today.
I feel…inspired….
Is that the right word?
I kind of have a sense of everything’s-gonna-be-okay.
I feel like I have a sheepish smile on my face cuz I just found out Earth has a crush on me.  
(That was metaphorical. I don’t actually think the Earth has a crush on me.)
I don’t feel ugly today.
I want to jump in a freezing body of water.
Maybe it’s the beautiful weather.
Maybe it’s because I have a “tan” on my shoulders.
Maybe it’s because I’m going to Georgia on Friday.
Well, that was all a bit weird….

I still haven’t lost any weight though.
But, today, it’s kinda okay.
I’m not mad today.

I prefer to make myself the punch line of the jokes.
I mean, if you can’t laugh at yourself and all the dumb stuff you do, what can you laugh at?
So, I decided to upload some photos of what I look like immediately after exercising.
I look so bad that’s it’s funny.
So, laugh today at my ridiculousness.
Also included in photos is the view of where I jog.
I jog on the trails of a beautiful lake.


Collapsed on the hammock. 

Also, I found this cool picture that this chick drew. It has a ton of different body types on it. If you're a chick, what's yours?
I'm the third type. 
There's more information about the pic here.


  1. Third from the end i think! :)
    and you're beautiful. i hope i magically bump into you friday, if you happen to be in athens!

  2. Where's petite Asian girl? That would be me. :)

  3. huh, interesting that you're not on here. I'm sorrrrry!