Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Quince and Parallel Universes

I think that I have watched too much Star Trek in my life.
But that’s what happens when you grow up with a father who watches Sci-Fi instead of sports like all the other dads.
So, I’ve decided that there is a parallel universe.
And there’s a Becky in that parallel universe too.
She looks just like me.
She can’t tan, just like me.
She has 5 little siblings, just like me.
But, history has gone a little bit different in Becky Two’s world.
You see, in the 1500s the people of Samoa colonized both Europe and North America after several bloody wars.
Fast forward to today. Large bodies are the standard of beauty.
Girls and women are struggling with body images, because no matter how hard they try, they some just can’t be over 200 pounds.
Magazines photo shop fat onto the models on the cover.
And Becky Two, well, she’s excited because after a really long time of hard work, she’s gained 15 pounds.

Now, back to this Universe, where Becky One lives.
(Well, maybe I’m the Becky Two…I shouldn’t make assumptions.)

Anyways, the dramatic above story was written because I just weighed myself before my workout and discovered that I have lost a grand total of 15 pounds.

I’m kinda in a really, really great mood.
I hadn’t noticed the changes at all in my body until I saw the scale this morning.
And I was all like, “Oh…yeah, I do look thinner...”
I had a few people mention to me that I was looking thinner, but I assumed my friends were trying to placate me whenever I talked about exercising or my blog.

*raises proverbial glass*
Here’s to another 35 pounds!

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