Monday, July 2, 2012


One of my favorite parts of working at Caribou is our daily trivia question.
If a customer correctly guesses, then they save a bunch of money on their car insurance AND save ten cents on their beverage.
I lied about the first part.
Anyways, tonight’s question was a pop culture question.

“Fill in the lyric for Alicia Key’s song ‘Falin’:
Sometimes I feel good,
At times I feel ______. “

The answer is “used”.
I got to thinking about this song. It’s obviously about a relationship with a man.
But on second thought, it perfectly describes the relationship I have with my body.
Yes, this is a body image post.

I wrote a post a couple days ago about how good I was feeling about life and about myself.
Today, I felt the opposite.
I worked out at the gym.
I felt mediocre afterwards.
I looked in the mirror and saw my sunburnt face.
I felt unattractive.
I listened to one of my favorite show tunes songs and felt weepy after hearing the key change.
And then I got mad at my parasympathetic nervous system for almost crying.
So, in not so many words, today I strongly disliked myself.

I keep on falling in and out of love with my body.

I’m not posting this to receive validation for anyone who possibly reads this blogs. I’m posting it because I think that people, females especially, can probably relate to my sentiments and feelings about my body.

I’m certain that in a few days I’ll feel the opposite of how I felt today.
I’m still not entirely sure how to conquer this love-hate relationship I have with my body.
Maybe I should stop watching movies, television, reading magazines, having skinny friends, or being around children who ask me if I want to be skinny.
That last one really happened.

Do you have a love-hate relationship with your body?
What do you do when you’re leaning towards hate on a particular day?


  1. I can relate. Sometimes I feel really disconnected from my body. Like I'm just a heart and brain in oversized packaging. I usually just try to do something that reminds me of all the awesome things my body does for me. Doesn't always work, though.

  2. Oversized packaging is a great way to describe how I often feel! I normally talk about Shrek...many of my friends are 1/3 of my size and I feel like I'm massive.
    I have no magical solution, but I do know that, in the privacy of my own home, I love rockin' out to loud music, in clothes that I would never wear outside the house. Enjoy the way God made you.

  3. I do most days, unfortunately, but for more reasons that not liking the way it looks (although that is a strong influence). There's this song Skeleton by Kate Nash that I simply adore, talking about her body being her friend, but also causing her so much anguish. I usually just tell myself it could be worse, so be thankful that it's not.