Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Part 4 of 4.

Part 4: On Faith

You’re going to have an identity crises your whole life because you’re kinda Jewish, but kinda not, and you like Jesus.
This still confuses me and most everyone else too.

If I could sum up my journey of faith into a sentence that you’d totally relate with, I’d say, “God is bigger than the boogey man.” But really.
You’re going to have all these ideas and plans on how you think your life will work, but God has a cooler, bigger plan that’ll blow your mind.
Don’t stick God in a box.
He’s bigger than what Republicans think of Him.
He’s bigger than what your conservative evangelical upbringing told you about Him.
And His grace is sufficient for you.

You’re going to think that God has forgotten about you.
You may even get mad at Him a lot.
But He’s still loving you.
And sending the Holy Spirit to guide you.
You just have to listen.

Finally, know why you believe what you believe.
Don’t take anybody else’s word for it.
Question Tradition.
But most of all, Love people.
Love people like Jesus loves people.

Little Becky,
You’re probably left feeling more confused than ever. I mean you are only six. But I like to think that in a world where I can write you a letter and you can read it, that you’d understand everything perfectly.
So remember,
Everything will be just fine.


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