Thursday, July 12, 2012

Shorts and Instagram

Summer 2012 is monumental for me.
It’s the first summer that I’ve ever worn shorts publicly…since I was 12.
Well, non-bermuda-type shorts.
Going anywhere in the summer, people would be like, “Why are you wearing pants?”
Which is sort of a silly question.
And I think it’s weird to be like, “Oh, I’m plus size,” because obviously they can see that.
So, as I stand there with the sweat dripping down my brow and back, I usually just shrug my shoulders and change the subject.
Super awkward.
Now, I wear shorts in public.
People get to see how pasty I really am.
I used to think that I would wear shorts when the cellulite disappeared.
But, I’m pretty sure cellulite is on every female who is not a celebrity, or who is rich enough to nuke that crap with millions of dollars.
So, yeah. I’m wearing shorts.
I wanted to post a super cool picture of myself in shorts, but I thought it would be weird to ask the Jeskes to take a picture of me.
So, then I was like, I’ll take a “super cool” artsy instagrammed picture of myself.
But all the shots were super awkward.

Then I decided to do a mirror pic. All the kids are doing it these days. Pretend like I don't have a weird light thing coming out of my hand. Also, pretend that I don't have a messy room.

The other day, I decided to do something uncharacteristic of myself.
I went for an hour long walk by the lake.
It was nice.
I don’t usually enjoy nature by myself.
Or being by myself for long periods of time.
But I was able to do some praying.
And work up a sweat at the same time.
It felt good.
Spiritually and Physically.
Two birds. One stone.


  1. Adorable shorts!

    (I feel like I'm trying to break a code everytime I post a comment!)

  2. girl look at you rockin' those shorts! yeah! :)

  3. becky - you look awesome and totally natural in shorts! Naturally awesome. -abi