Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Quince and Parallel Universes

I think that I have watched too much Star Trek in my life.
But that’s what happens when you grow up with a father who watches Sci-Fi instead of sports like all the other dads.
So, I’ve decided that there is a parallel universe.
And there’s a Becky in that parallel universe too.
She looks just like me.
She can’t tan, just like me.
She has 5 little siblings, just like me.
But, history has gone a little bit different in Becky Two’s world.
You see, in the 1500s the people of Samoa colonized both Europe and North America after several bloody wars.
Fast forward to today. Large bodies are the standard of beauty.
Girls and women are struggling with body images, because no matter how hard they try, they some just can’t be over 200 pounds.
Magazines photo shop fat onto the models on the cover.
And Becky Two, well, she’s excited because after a really long time of hard work, she’s gained 15 pounds.

Now, back to this Universe, where Becky One lives.
(Well, maybe I’m the Becky Two…I shouldn’t make assumptions.)

Anyways, the dramatic above story was written because I just weighed myself before my workout and discovered that I have lost a grand total of 15 pounds.

I’m kinda in a really, really great mood.
I hadn’t noticed the changes at all in my body until I saw the scale this morning.
And I was all like, “Oh…yeah, I do look thinner...”
I had a few people mention to me that I was looking thinner, but I assumed my friends were trying to placate me whenever I talked about exercising or my blog.

*raises proverbial glass*
Here’s to another 35 pounds!

Monday, June 25, 2012

I looked like a pretty cool hippy...

All I’ve wanted for the past month is the summer sun on my pasty skin, a beautiful body of water to jump in, and friendly memories. I got a tiny taste of that in Georgia when I went to the beach with three of my brothers.
They’re cute.
I like them.  

I wish my Chacos and the Summer Sun would make out with each other and give me some pretty awesome Chaco tan lines.

These are not my feet or any feet associated with me. 

But whatever.

Today, I went for a jog. It was pretty mediocre.
I don’t want to talk about it.
…So I posted the above sentence.  
I was feeling pretty dizzy and just wanted to sit down.

So, then I felt guilty for having such a crappy jog, so I decided that I would bike to get  some fruits and eggs.
There I was with my tank top, sports bra, hand-me-down-shorts from my grandma that ride up to my belly button, Chacos, headband, and bike. I looked like a pretty cool hippy.
Except that I was only biking a mile and a half.
To a soulless corporation called Wal-Mart.

But Whatever.

My bum now hurts.
I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to the concept of biking.
It’s kinda unnatural.

Anyways, today’s biking trip was brought on by my desire to be intentional about being outside. Being outside does not come naturally to this South Georgia Princess. I have to consciously make an effort to be outside.
In conclusion, if you live in Madison and read this blog, please invite me to do outdoorsy things.
I need it.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

I'm not very good at math.

This post has a lot of numbers in it.
A virtual high five to whoever tells me how many numbers are mentioned.

That awkward moment when your thighs touch the guy sitting next to you on the plane because you’re both overweight. Yeah, that happened.
I had a nice little work out when I sprinted 40 gates at the airport in Detroit. I had 15 minutes before my connecting flight was going to leave.
I made it.
Not without looking like a hard-breathing sweaty mess.
It was real cute.


I’ve lost 13 pounds since February.
This is an incredibly slow process.
13 pounds in five months is 2.6 pounds a month.
At this rate I’ll lose 50 pounds in 19 months—almost a year and a half.
I need a miracle.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I feel like I have a sheepish smile on my face cuz I just found out Earth has a crush on me.

Caution: the following thoughts make no sense and are all disconnected.

I’m not entirely sure how to describe how I’m feeling today.
I feel…inspired….
Is that the right word?
I kind of have a sense of everything’s-gonna-be-okay.
I feel like I have a sheepish smile on my face cuz I just found out Earth has a crush on me.  
(That was metaphorical. I don’t actually think the Earth has a crush on me.)
I don’t feel ugly today.
I want to jump in a freezing body of water.
Maybe it’s the beautiful weather.
Maybe it’s because I have a “tan” on my shoulders.
Maybe it’s because I’m going to Georgia on Friday.
Well, that was all a bit weird….

I still haven’t lost any weight though.
But, today, it’s kinda okay.
I’m not mad today.

I prefer to make myself the punch line of the jokes.
I mean, if you can’t laugh at yourself and all the dumb stuff you do, what can you laugh at?
So, I decided to upload some photos of what I look like immediately after exercising.
I look so bad that’s it’s funny.
So, laugh today at my ridiculousness.
Also included in photos is the view of where I jog.
I jog on the trails of a beautiful lake.


Collapsed on the hammock. 

Also, I found this cool picture that this chick drew. It has a ton of different body types on it. If you're a chick, what's yours?
I'm the third type. 
There's more information about the pic here.