Sunday, June 17, 2012

I'm not very good at math.

This post has a lot of numbers in it.
A virtual high five to whoever tells me how many numbers are mentioned.

That awkward moment when your thighs touch the guy sitting next to you on the plane because you’re both overweight. Yeah, that happened.
I had a nice little work out when I sprinted 40 gates at the airport in Detroit. I had 15 minutes before my connecting flight was going to leave.
I made it.
Not without looking like a hard-breathing sweaty mess.
It was real cute.


I’ve lost 13 pounds since February.
This is an incredibly slow process.
13 pounds in five months is 2.6 pounds a month.
At this rate I’ll lose 50 pounds in 19 months—almost a year and a half.
I need a miracle.

1 comment:

  1. You mentioned numbers 8 times (unless you count the year and a half). The total of theses numbers would be (hang on, I'm not using a calculator for this) 157.6.
    Also, you be friggin proud of those 13 pounds. Every pound you lose is an accomplishment, and don't let your bigger goals get in the way of being happy about the little goals.