Monday, January 7, 2013

My Super Adult Sunday

Warning: There are crappy photos in crappy lighting below.

There's nothing that makes you feel more like an adult than building your own bed.
Actually, let me rephrase that: There's nothing that makes you feel more like an adult than building your own bed after sleeping on a mattress on the floor for four months.
Thanks to finally being on a regular pay schedule at work, I could finally afford the second part of my bed.
I was originally going to buy a box spring and bed frame, but then I stumbled on this little diddy that doubles as both a box spring and bed frame and only cost $70.
It took about an hour to build.

Oh, yeah. And then I painted one of the walls in my bed room. The color when I moved in was the bastard child of white and gray. 
It's super weird. 
Also, I had some white splotchy paint spots from the maintenance guy trying to cover some mold spots, so I decided to paint the wall containing my window.
I think I was subconsciously trying to channel my yellow bedroom I had when I lived at the Jeskes house in Madison.
I also just really like bright colors. 
And lots of bright colors. 
I drove to the lil local hardware store and a nice man named Bert helped me find everything I needed to paint my wall. 
Bert wouldn't make eye contact with me. 
It was awkward.
But he was helpful. 

Oh, and I spray painted my end table. 
I had the brilliant idea to spray paint it inside. In the middle of winter.
It was kinda the stupidest idea I ever had. 
The house smelt awful, and I'm sure I have spray paint poison in my lungs. 
But I was on a roll.
I bought the table from a thrift store. It was originally white. 
Now it's fun!

I'm slowly starting to put decorations up in my room. 
I'm totes excited about having a permanent place that reflects me and is comfy.
Oh, and it's glorious.