Thursday, July 26, 2012

But, whatever.

I do not know the difference between hiking and just plain walking in nature.
When I was younger I thought that hiking meant walking up a mountain at a 90-degree angle with a backpack and a walking stick.

But then, when I was 16, my grandma visited us.
She made us go for a “hike”.
But our “hike” was just a walk through woods in the lower coastal flat plains of Southeast Georgia.
So, I’m still confused.

But, it’s too hot to jog outside.
The weather is 100% comparable to Southeast Georgia.
Humidity and all.
I went for a jog the other day and could only jog for about 7 minutes before I had to stop and walk.
It was miserable and embarrassing.
But apparently, I can stand to go for 50 minutes walks along the same trails.
Excuse me, a hike…
I try to make sure my pace is faster than a leisurely walk.
Yeah, I have no desire to go into any more detail about the jog.
But, whatever.

I’ve lost another 2 pounds.
17 pounds in total.
So, that’s exciting.
I am surprised, though, that I’m still a size 16.
I must’ve had more fat packed in my body than I originally thought.
When I was 200 pounds I thought for sure I’d look a lot different at 17 pounds lighter.
The most significant changes in my body are that I have rock hard calves and shins.
Which is weird, cuz the attached thighs are blobs of fat.
But, whatever.

Immediate goal: lose 3 pounds by the time I move to Philly.
That’s five weeks.
And will be 20 pounds lost.

But, whatever.

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