Tuesday, April 17, 2012

This is depressing.

I stared at a blank white computer screen for about four days before I typed this sentence.

I’ve always fancied myself some sort of writer.

I remember being ages 7 to 11 and writing tons and tons of stories.
Mind you, they were mostly about heroines who were only children, or who had only one sibling. (The opposite of my childhood, with my 5 little siblings.)
All these stories I wrote as a kid had endings that tied the conflict of the story in simple Disney-esque resolutions.

In college, the papers I wrote had conclusions and endings that wrapped “the whole shebang “ into a nice little bow. Super easy and convenient for my professors to give me an “A”.

And now, I think about being a writer of a blog.
And not just a blog for the sake of writing, but a blog that is meant to discuss a journey—a journey to a healthier body, mind, and probably soul as well.

And because of the nature of my blog and my journey, I can’t always have cute little Disney-esque endings.
Or even concluding thoughts that end with impactful lessons.

For instance, I’ve been REALLY working out since February. And I see no change at all in my body. Sometimes I think that maybe there used to be a cellulite spot on my leg and now there isn’t, but I think I’m really just guessing at this point. If the following Pinterest picture is any indication, then I’m doing something terribly wrong.


So, where do I go from here?


  1. Hang in there. I had to take "before" pictures for me to refer to as a comparison.

  2. We're not all as hot as Efron, or as suave as Brad Pitt,
    When I complained to God, he told me to get over it.
    There's more to life than skinny, and being able to talk trash,
    Like your knowing though she's fit and pretty, you can still kick her ass.

    Being healthy isn't skinny, and being strong is not fit,
    Having character isn't power, and being smart is not whit.
    Being happy is a mindset, an unbreakable will the goal,
    You're loved for who you are, not because you fit a role.

    Change takes time, and we support you with love,
    But remember you are handmade by the father above.
    Sometimes we questions his choices; think he's gone crazy,
    Like when he made us shaped different, maybe he got lazy.

    It's all part of a plan, an immaculate design!
    It will all make sense one day, we just have to give it time.
    Reaching goals isn't always easy, it may take a year, two or three,
    But you'll always be special, to God and to me.

    -Dan B.

  3. The fact is that Our body LIKES us just the way we are. It resists change. That's why people who take weight off slowly are the most likely to keep it off... their body has gotten used to the new weight and actually begins to fight against regaining the weight! Besides, you are not at a dangerous weight, so it is actually more important that you increase strength, stamina and flexibility.