Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sabbath and Contacts

I took a Sabbath: a Sabbath from exercising.
I decided not to exercise for a week.
I took a cue from the Old Testament.
In the Bible, there is lots of mention of Sabbath. God commands the Hebrews to rest on the seventh day. Even the plants get a Sabbath! God commands that every seven years, the land takes a yearlong rest. So, obviously, God likes rest.
I had been working out pretty hard…well, more than I’ve ever worked out in my life. Which, I suppose, may or not mean anything to anybody.

Working out had become a duty to me.
I didn’t enjoy it and I didn’t want to do it.
Come to find out, the Sabbath was just what I needed.
When I came back to work out, my body was all like “Yeah, Becky! Let’s get fit!”
It felt awesome.
Today, I actually looked forward to going, and felt suuuper awesome!

I’ve noticed there are certain little changes I make before exercising that I’m convinced will make exercising a more enjoyable experience.
I wrote about the time that I wore my magical Harry Potter shirt and was able to jog farther. In college, I was convinced I could exercise better if I wore a tank top. Today, I decided that to have the optimal work out experience, one must wear contacts. Not glasses.
Glasses cloud the mind.
Glasses fog up when I sweat.
Glasses make me look lame.
But contacts, oh no. I look awesome in contacts.

I’m quite convinced there is a correlation between the level of how awesome you feel and the level off how productive a work out is.

New exercise formula: wear contacts more.

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