Saturday, March 17, 2012

Blisters, Objectification, and Biceps

I had a really tough work out last wednesday. 
I was sweating like an un-kosher pig. 
And I was freaking sore.
I dunno what it was. I did the same exact exercises, strength trainings, and cardio that I usually do. 
I was so sore the next day, that I decided to not do any sort of exercising. 
Becky’s body needed a rest. 
But then, on Friday, I was still sore. 
Walking down the stairs had me verbally proclaiming my soreness with each step. 
Well, I didn’t want to exert myself too much...but I still needed to do some sort of exercise. I came up with a compromise. 
I decided that I would walk the mile and a half to Wal-Mart to buy shoes for the job I’m starting on Monday. 
This was going to be great. 
The weather was beautiful. 
The sun was shining. 
I was wearing a tank top in the ridiculous hopes of getting some sort of tan. 
But, I made a fatal error. (I suppose that’s being a bit dramatic. But that’s how I roll.)
I wore flip flops. 
And they hurt like HELL!
I now have beautiful blisters all over the soles of my feet. 
Every step makes me wince in pain. 
To top it off, on my walk there, I was objectified at least four times by nasty men driving by. 
Maybe it was my childbearing hips. 
Maybe it was my bare shoulders. 
Maybe it was because I was a single woman walking along the road. 
But I was PISSED. 
It got me thinking about the idea of Rape Culture
This idea where if a woman is raped, someone in the court may ask, “Well, what was she wearing?” Was she was asking for it?
BUT, there are people smarter than me who know how to discuss the subject better than anything I could muse about. 
So, I’ll just stop. 
Way to bring down the mood, Becky. 
Needless to say, I don’t think I will be walking along for a while down that way. 
So, what I was hoping to be a rather wonderful experience, ended up being a rather unpleasant experience. 
In lighter news, 
I have developed biceps now....
I like to watch my arm muscles “pump up” when I flex. And I touch the muscles. And I’m all like, “dang, is this my body?” 
If only my leg muscles will cooperate and look as awesome as my arms. 

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