Saturday, November 10, 2012

I went down a pants size.

I just got paid yesterday.
Maybe they’ll remember to pay me next time around, too.
But whatever. I kinda like having bragging rights of “My job keeps forgetting to pay me.”
Just kidding.

So, all of my pants look really sad on my body.
So, I went to TJ Maxx (cuz apparently I’m a Maxxinista?).
I was like, “Okay, Becky. The last time you went shopping you tried on a pair of size 14 pants that fit you. Let’s do that again.”
And…they fit.
So, I have OFFICIALLY gone down a pants size!

This was me in the dressing being like "OH, MAH GAWSH!"
I'm not sure why my hand is above my head.

This has taken friggin’ forever, but it’s slowly working.
Genetics are working really hard against me, though.

In other news, I think No-Shave November is hilarious. Even more hilarious is that I like doing it, too.  It’s kinda like this big joke I have with myself. It’s fine. I’m single. You’re whispering to yourself, “That’s why she’s single!”
I’m single cuz I’m pretty annoying.
It’s really hard to go on a first date when you’re participating in No-Shave November.
That may have happened last week.
And he may have never contacted me again, haha.
It’s fine.
I find it more hilarious than anything.
Maybe that’s what’s wrong with me.
Everything is way too funny.
I don’t have time for seriousness.

Fun fact: The best part of being overweight is having a nice rack.

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