Friday, October 19, 2012

Work Fashion: Part 2

It’s been a hot minute since I last updated.
But, I did remember to take a few pics of a few outfits since the last time I posted.
None of my pants fit very well anymore. It's probably weight loss, but whatever. 
My body fat is surely taken it's time to get the Hell off my body. 

The King of Prussia Mall is a super fancy mall near my work. So, I stopped there hoping to avoid some traffic and find a pair of pants that didn't look granny-licious on me. 
(No offense, dear grandmas.)
I found a super colorful dress on clearance for ten dolllllllars. Holllllla. 
I'm such a sucker for bright, happy things. I'm sure nobody has every noticed that about me.
You can find said dress in Outfit Cuatro below. 
The size 16 pants I tried on didn't fit me.
Now, I'm not saying that I'm officially a size 14 now, but it was super awesome when the size 14 pants still looked a teensy bit loose. 
(Insert rant about how women's clothing needs to have an official standard size across all clothing brands.)

So, that was fun. Enjoy the awkward photos. 

Yeah, I made that myself.
(How is there so much talent in this body?!)

Outfit Uno:
Top Half                          Bottom Half      

I like to call this little outfit Peter Pan...mostly because that's what the video guys were calling me. I can dig it. And, I can't seem to remember where any of this outfit came from. The shoes are from Payless, the belt is thrifted, and the tights are thrifted as well. 

Outfit Dos:

The roomy helped me on this one. 

Cardigan: Thrifted
Dress: Thrifted
Belt: Thrifted
Leggings: Ye olde Wal-Mart
Shoes: Payless
Watermelon Purse: Thrifted

I forgot to warn about all the stupid faces I make when I "pose". 

Outfit Tres
I went shopping yesterday after work and realized I hadn't taken a photo of my outfit. 

Yellow Jacket (haha): Thrifted
Dress: Target
Shoes (that you can't see): Thrifted

I took off my tights, because I had ripped them at work. May they rest in peace. Next paycheck I'm going to stock up on colorful tights.

Outfit Cuatro
I apologize.

Dress: Lane Bryant
Belt: Thrifted
Boots: JC Penny 
Tights: Hanukkah gift

The lighting was so awful in front of my ghetto mirror. So, I attempted to do the ol' photo booth on my Mac: click record and run like Hell to make it in the photo before it takes. 

Bread that I made


Here's a sad looking loaf of bread I made that completely flattened in the bread machine. It kinda looks like a jewelry box I had as a kid.

Questions? Comments? Concerns?


  1. Hi, My name is Marcia and I just came across your blog..its hilarious and inspirational. I also got tired of being fat/ overweight I used to weigh 215 lbs size 18. Anyways, now when I hear or read about other women MAKIN IT HAPPEN!! its just the BEST! Keep up the good work woman! Your an inspiration! I created a facebook group awhile ago..just a bunch of women trying to making healthier choices and support each other..I want to share your blog with all the girls ! and you should come join!

  2. Hey Marcia! Thanks for reading. I'll definitely join the group. When I know people are reading my blog, it makes me work harder! haha