Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Athens and the Hills of Purgatory.

Home Sweet Home
I love Athens, Georgia. 
I truly think it is one of the greatest cities ever. Unfortunately, I graduated from UGA and no longer have a good enough reason to stay in Athens. 
Call me when there is a film company started here, and I’ll move in a heartbeat. 
Anyways, I’m in Athens for a few days. I am going to take a test to get Final Cut Pro Certified. (I’m nervous.) The one thing that makes Athens beautiful is it’s hills. However, those devoted to the art of exercise, Athens is Hell, well, I’ll settle for Purgatory. I could never call Athens “Hell”.
So, today my friend Lorraine and I decided to go for a jog. She had just moved into her apartment and doesn’t know her neighborhood well. After some making split second decisions on where we would turn and jog next and  some good conversation, we came across it. 
The biggest. Hill. Ever. 


In all the summer that I’ve been jogging I haven’t had to jog up any hills. 
This was a new experience for the both of us. 
It was rough. 
We decided to cut our jog short from 30 minutes to 20. I say that since we jogged up the hills it's the physical equivalent of jogging for 30 minutes. 
We’ll have sore booties in the mornin’. 


  1. I wish we had hills around here! They are sooooo good for your butt :)

  2. You will definitely pass the test, I have faith in you... But hate to burst your bubble, a 30 minute jog is a 30 minute jog, whether its on a hill or not.. No more Cheating....I can't wait to see you when you come back to Cali. I know I have to wait about 6 months.... .Missing you soo much!

    Your Snooki

  3. True that, Miss Mendy!

    @Shnooki, Girl, i will cut you! haha kidding. Miss you too, friend. Now you have to become best friends with Riley.

  4. i walked/jogged 4 miles (emphasis on walked haha) at a 6% incline yesterday (treadmill haha obvi)and then i did this kickboxing class that was all lunges and squats... and kicking... and she made us LEAVE the workout room and go run on the track! needless to say, my glutes are like death today.

    worth it.