Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shorts and Sexually Charged Music.

I had hoped that I could have a better jog today then I did yesterday.
I decided I would jog earlier, 9:00 a.m. to be exact.
I decided to wear shorts. Jogging shorts. 
I decided to do it shortly after I woke up and before I had breakfast.
I was actually able to finish the route that I had planned for yesterday. It’s a 3 mile route. No, I didn’t jog the whole thing. That would be exciting, but not yet. For some strange reason I have yet to jog 30 minutes without stopping like I did twice in California. It’s upsetting. I’m assuming that I have to work my way up again. I jogged my first mile in 11 minutes. I think that is probably my record so far. 
I’m terrified of stray dogs. Well, dogs with unaccompanied owners. There at the end of my first mile was a stray dog. I suppose I ought not to call it a stray since it had a collar around it’s neck. But he looked mean. I told it in my sweetest high pitched voice that it needed to go home. It decided to run along side of me and eventually ahead of me every once in a while looking back at me. Needless to say, he didn’t bite me.
I finally had to stop and walk and 19 minutes. I walked for about 2 minutes and then jogged some more. The whole route took about about 40 minutes. Three miles in 40 minutes. 
Meh, I can do better. 
One of the things that I kept thinking to myself was, “Wow, I’m glad nobody I know can see me. I’m wearing shorts!” And then I realized how idiotic that sounded. Why would anyone be offended if I’m wearing shorts? I’ve always prided myself on not caring too much what other thought of me. But, I think part of that has been a lie. I don’t wear bathing suits or shorts in front of anybody who isn’t my family. All in the thinking that my body will offend somebody. And then I realized that I don’t get offended when I see girls my size or bigger wearing shorts. I actually get pretty excited when I do see them. I’m all like, “Yeah, you go girl! Be proud of yourself!” Why can’t I do the same for myself?
I’ve got to change my thinking.
Something else I’ve noticed. I jog better to sexually charged music. Haha. They ALWAYS have a better beat and are nice and fast-paced. I need to make a jogging play list. I usually just put my ipod on shuffle. Which can get annoying, cuz there are a whole ‘lotta songs I have no desire to listen to when I jog. 
Does anybody have any great music that keeps them motivated when they jog or exercise? I’m looking for some good upbeat stuff. It’s a plus if it’s sung by a handsome black man. 


  1. darling! i love reading your blog. :-) i'm glad everything's going well, i'm really proud of you for having built up so much jogging endurance! my lungs and shins are so not up to that capacity quite yet.

    questions... 1. how has your eating been? 2. are you happy with your progress thus far? 3. are you doing anything other than jogging as far as exercise goes?

    btw, i wore a bikini to the pool last night (which made me think of the fear of offending people)... there was a cute, really in shape boy who came by and started swimming, and for a split second, i was like, "oh i hope he's not like, 'ew who's the fat girl in stretch marks and a polka dot bikini?'" but then i was like, EFF THAT! so i swam over and introduced myself, and we ended up hanging out, swimming, and getting in the hottub, for like 2 hours!! we met other swimmers who came by and just had a blast. so sometimes, you just gotta take your fear and supercharge it into letting you do the exact opposite of you expectations. you go girl. ;)

    p.s. my most recent post on thenextfivemonths has a LOT to do about body image... i think you'd appreciate it... and i'd love to hear your feedback/thoughts on it.