Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Monday and Tuesday sucked.

Monday 6/27/2011
-2 poached eggs on top of a plain waffle (I was getting creative)
-2 pitas with tuna fish on top.
Dinner:  (P.S. I have no idea why this section is formatted so differently. Dinner just wanted to be different. 
  • baked potato
  • 1 bbq chicken breast
  • 1/2 cup of squash (from grandma and grandpa’s garden!)
  • 1 slice of apple pie
-chocolate chip granola bar

I had absolutely no desire to exercise today. 
Tuesday 6/28/2011
-toasted pita with butter on top
-1 apple
-cup of coffee
-leftover BBQ chicken
-leftover squash
1 chocolate chip granola bar
Sun beam snack bar thingy

For Dinner Bubby ordered a pizza from Papa Murphy's. For you people on the East Coast, Papa Murphy's is a Take and Bake place. You get a "raw" pizza that you cook in your own home. We got a large Cowboy pizza. Which is 3 types of meat (which are all pork) mushrooms, and olives. I asked that they make one side with no meat.

I only ate a bowl of salad, 2 slices of pizza. I was super proud of myself. But then...Bubby ordered cheesy bread too. I had 3 pieces and felt disgusting. And to top it off, Bubby had made red velvet cake cupcakes. Yeah...thanks!
Diet RUINED! haha

Of course, I had no desire to exercise. 

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