Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday, June 23rd.

Today wasn’t bad. 
I took two iron pills before breakfast hoping to minimize another body crash like I had yesterday. Well, it worked, because I felt fine all day. I didn’t crave any unnecessary foods either.  
Deciding what to eat for breakfast was suuuuper tough. We have run out of fruits and vegetables at my grandparent’s house. But Bubby promises that she can get a few things from the grocery store while I’m at work. I politely request more fruit. 
So For Breakfast I had 2 fried eggs, toast with butter on it, and coffee with a tablespoon of cream in it. 
I ate a handful of baby carrots as a snack between breakfast and lunch. 
For lunch, I brought to work two pitas and a side of tuna salad. I was running late this morning, so the tuna salad was kinda dry. I wish I added just a teensy bit more of mayo. I was surprised at how filling this meal was. 
About 20 minutes later I ate a banana. 
After I got home from work, I knew it was time to start my P90X training. There are approximately three different work out plans or schedules, rather, that you can pick depending on what you want P90X to do for you. I want more of a cardio to burn fat. If you don’t know how P90X works, then I’ll do a crummy job of telling you. Basically, it’s designed to get you fit in 90 days. The key to the program is not letting your body or exercise cause your body to “plateau”. This may happen because your body gets “used to” the exercise. But P90X has you change your exercise up about every two weeks. So there are about 10 or 12 different workout routines. You’ll do a different one everyday for a week. 
I really disliked the first one today. I think it was called Core Synergist. Like most chicks, my upper body strength sucks. I can’t do regular pushups. Most of Core Synergist was working my upper body. It sucked. On a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being I sucked and 10 being exercise beast, I probably was a 4.5 with this exercise. I really just want to do cardio everyday, but whatever. They know what they are doing. But tomorrow I will do Cardio X. 
I was in luck because as soon as I finished exercising, Bubby had made dinner for Papa and I. It was burritos! I love burritos. Last time she made them I ate 2 or 3. I can’t remember. But today, I only had one.
1 burritos with rice, black beans, home-made salsa, grilled seasoned chicken strips. a handful of chips and salsa. I left the table with my stomach satisfied. I didn’t feel gross and stuffed like I usually do after a dinner meal. 
Like I said in another post, the lifestyle changes I’m making have less to do what cutting calories and such and more to do with actually listening to my body. Even after two days, I feel like I’m a lot more aware of what my body wants. 

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