Sunday, July 10, 2011

Gah, I need new running shoes.

Today was a pretty lazy day. I never sleep in, but today I slept in till 10:20. The grandma made some sort of egg casserole thing with onions and cheese on it. It was accompanied by a bagel lightly toasted, a cup of OJ, and a cup of coffee.
I didn’t really get hungry for lunch, which is weird for me. But I ended up eating a leftover cupcake from the shower and a peach. 
At 6:00, my grandparents went down the street to a BBQ, and told me they would bring me back whatever was there for dinner. But I was getting hungry. So I snacked on a handful of kettle chips dipped in hummus and a handful of carrots. Grandma brought me back a plate of food with macaroni salad, a small chicken breast and two small pieces of steak. I knew it was too much food. But I ate it all. 
I was really excited about my jog tonight. Especially with the realization that I can jog a mile. I decided to experiment with my jogging “style”, I tried running, not jogging for a little ways. But I noticed that my legs felt uneven. It felt kinda like I was hopping on one leg and not the other. I had the urge to just hop on the other leg so it would feel even, but I knew that would look absolutely ridiculous. So, I jogged to the mile point, (it took 14 minutes), but my left foot started hurting. I don’t know if it’s because I didn’t stretch correctly, I was running instead of jogging, or if I need new shoes. I suspect that I need new jogging shoes. I’m not entirely sure what shinsplints are, but I imagine that this is what it felt like. 
It wasn’t excruciating pain, but I kept thinking “What if I injure myself?” I currently don’t have medical insurance since I graduated from college, so I mostly walked back on the second mile home. I was pretty upset with myself. 
As I write this, I must comment on the soreness of my left butt cheek. 
That is all. 


  1. Did it feel like a jabbing pain between your muscle and bone on your shin? I started running recently and was pushing too hard. I asked my dr if j should push through the pain or go down to walking until it didn't hurt and he told me to walk it off. He said once my muscles and bones were used to exercise, I wouldn't hurt so much.

    14 minute mile is pretty good. I bet that will be lowered in just a couple more weeks.

  2. Yes, that's what it felt like. ooooh, thanks for the advice. I'll walk through them next time I feel it.

  3. Also, I have found that icing them down also helps me after running.

    I am trying my best to run at least three times a week. These shin splints are killing me though!

    & how can I get a notification when you have replied to a comment I made?

  4. I haven't really gotten shin splints in a while. Honestly, I think it was my shoes. I bought a new pair and I don't have that problem anymore.

    I think that because I sign on using my gmail account it notifies me whenever somebody comments. I get a notification sent to my email whenever I post a comment. It's kinda ridiculous.