Friday, July 8, 2011

A new adventure in the jogging world.

I don’t want to talk about Fourth of July Weekend.
I forgot to write down what I ate yesterday. But I went jogging for 30 minutes. It was my favorite jog yet. I jogged all around West Sacramento. In my previous jogs, I have stuck mainly to the little neighborhood that my grandparents live in. It has lots of little houses. A couple of days ago, I decided to venture out on the main road, West Capitol for 8 minutes of my jog. I passed lots of hotels and Mexican restaurants, and gas stations. I liked the view better. 
So anyways, yesterday I jogged passed the Raleys Grocery Store, the library, the community college, another grocery store, and finally back in the little neighborhood of my grandparents. The only thing I didn’t like was since I was jogging in the city, I had to wait for the stop lights. That sucked. When I would stop, I could tell that fellow stopped cars would eye me curiously. I did not like this. At one stop light a guy on a bike tried to do cool bike tricks to impress me. Sorry bike guy, I wasn’t impressed. 
It’s becoming easier and easier to jog for longer distances at a time. I think that I straight up jogged for 20 minutes, then walked for 4 then jogged the rest of the way. I want to eventually be able to jog for straight up 30 minutes without stopping to walk. And then who knows, maybe jog for a straight up hour! Now that’s a goal!
Today (July 8, 2011)
I woke up and made myself a bowl of honey nut cheerios in almond milk. Then I ate a banana and a glass of OJ.
At work, I ate a blueberry Special K bar.
For lunch, I had leftover dinner from last night. That included lasagna, squash from the grandparent’s garden, and a cup of Greek yogurt with blueberries in it for dessert. 
I have found myself being incredibly hungry between 4:00ish till dinner. So, I brought a granola bar. I can’t remember the brand. It’s pretty substantial though. 
My grandmother didn’t want to cook for dinner. And that’s alright with me. She wanted to get Papa Murphy’s pizza, which is a take and bake pizza. But I suggested In and Out since I wanted to go there before I left Cali. She said that was a good idea. 
For those on the East Coast, In and Out has a pretty good reputation not quite different from Chick-Fil-A. They make their fries fresh from actual potatoes everyday, not frozen! Each restaurant is privately owned and not franchised. And their burgers are pretty tasty!
I ordered hamburger with lots of delicious veggies on it and the fries. It was amazing. Pretty great portion size. 
I had every intention of going for a jog after dinner. I even changed in to my jogging clothes. But then I went up stairs sat on the couch because it felt so nice and warm and fell asleep for two hours.  I think I may have had an “iron deficiency crash”. I’m not even sure if that’s what it’s called, or if that’s what’s even happening. All I know is that I can tell if I don’t have enough iron I have an incredibly urge to stop everything and sleep. Which is weird that I would have one today, because I took to pills this morning.” Anyways, I woke up at 9:30 p.m. I refuse to jog in the dark. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow. 


  1. i'm sitting here feeling jealous as i read about your progress, feeling thinner, and jogging longer. i don't have a whole lot of time to devote to exercise because of the orientation job, so i can only jog tuesdays and thursdays and weekends (IF i have the energy). the problem is, i NEVER have the energy during the week. so, so far it's been a lot of sleeping during the week and jogging 2-3 times in a weekend. which doesn't do a lot, but my goal is that when school starts up in a month that i just won't be starting from scratch. so, that's something. keep up the progress.... you're already makin' someone jealous, use that fire:)

  2. Honestly, I have nothing BUT time right now. And this is the first time this has ever happened to me. You're a busy girl, that's okay. I never had time when I was in college to regularly go jogging.