Saturday, July 9, 2011

*Insert inspirational quote about a journey, and walking, and taking a step*

This morning I came downstairs and all I wanted to eat for breakfast was a toasted bagel with cream cheese and smoke salmon. But my grandmother had been up since 5 a.m. cooking baked goods for my cousin’s baby shower. There was a red velvet cupcake, about 80 cupcakes, and probably 30 sugar cookies. I was FORCED to eat a sugar cookie and a cupcake. About an hour later I was finally able to make that bagel.
We got to the baby shower and there was dessert EVERYWHERE. There was cupcakes, there was coffee cake, there were muffins, there was Mike and Ikes on each table, then there was caramel popcorn, there was two types of quiche...what wasn’t there to eat?
First, I snacked on the Mike and Ikes. I dunno how many I had. I’d like to say less than a box that you would buy at the movie theaters...We can only hope. Then I had a plate of quiche with veggies in it, a tiny sliver of coffee cake, and a medley of grapes, strawberries, and I think raspberries. Then I ate a few more Mike and Ikes. Then I munched on a few pieces of caramel popcorn. Then I was forced to eat another cupcake. Then I pulled pretzels out and dipped them in hummus. 
I think that was it for snacking.
When I got home to the grandparents’ I had 2 pieces of strawberry licorice. It’s not even good. Why do I do this to myself?
For dinner, I made myself a roast beef sandwich with provolone cheese, pickles, tomatoes, and purple onions. I dipped my sandwich into hummus between bites. I then had a piece of string cheese, and a plate of strawberries and cottage cheese.
Eating was a fail today. I ate too much dairy and too many sweets. I’m surprised I didn’t go into a junk food comma.
In other news, I CAN STRAIGHT UP JOG A MILE!  And apparently I’ve been doing this for over a week. 
Earlier today my aunt suggested I run to a certain street, Park Street to be exact. After dropping me off from the baby shower, she texted me and told me that it was a mile from my grandparents’ house to Park Street. 
So, if my math serves me correctly a mile there and a mile back is 2 miles. I jogged all the way to Park Street without stopping. Well, I had to wait for a light to change in order to cross the street, but that’s different than having to walk because you just can’t jog anymore. I checked my phone. I jogged a mile in 12 minutes. I kept going. I had to stop jogging and walk for four minutes, but then it was business as usual. 
I stopped jogging at exactly at 30 minutes. And jogging for 30 minutes is two miles.
My favorite part about jogging is the cool down walk after my jog. I tuck my tummy in, a fancy phrase for suckin’ it in, and I roll my shoulders back and for some odd reason I feel attractive in that cool down. 
I’m still waiting for the fabled endorphins. Maybe you only get them if you jog for 31 minutes. 

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